Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Hunger game Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Hunger game - Essay Example Even though it is not realistic, the issues discussed and showed in the movie are more than real. There is a huge contrast between life in districts and the capital of the country called Panem. It intensifies inequality and segregation of the poor in this seemingly civilized society. The movie intentionally exaggerates styles of Panem citizens and mocks their habits. At the same time, these people are superior to others because they have money and power. The show is designed to keep all people away from the thoughts about rioting against this unjust system. In many ways, it reveals how reality shows work in media. Love, death and violence become just good elements to keep people involved in the show. Nobody cares about the fact that people actually die during the game. All spectators desire to observe the development of the story and celebrate the only survivor. They want to see real suffering, tears and desire to survive because their comfortable and rich life become absolutely boring for them. This movie is exceptional because it shows how politics and media merge becoming one powerful tool of influence. The producers of the show know how to manipulate with public opinion and give people hope or fear. The value of human life equals zero because people become objects. Their actions are predetermined by the conditions created by producers and designers. This moral degradation depicted in the movie motivates people to revise their current attitude to consumerism and media. The movie suggest some logical development to modern culture which is perceived as the top of civilized world in the history of man. It reveals that the world is not just; people who have power exploit others and use media to expand their influence. Weak human beings and their feeling become only elements of the show to entertain

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