Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Corruption Showed in A Raisin in the Sun Essay

The play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry was written to portray the lives of African Americans during the great depression era of the United States. This story is about a family’s struggle with money, prejudice, life and how obstacles can get in the way of accomplishing a dream. The story A Raisin in the Sun money has the ability to corrupt people as shown when Walter invests money into a liquor store, when he walks away from his wife when she tells him that she is pregnant, and when he considers selling his mothers† house to Mr. Lindner. Walter Younger is very dissatisfied with his life. He decides to invest in a liquor store with his good friend Bobo an this man Willy who he dosent know. Willy takes there money and runs leaving Walter with an empty pocket and an empty dream. Which changes the man that Walter is. Mama exclaimed,†No . . . something has changed. You something new, boy. In my time we was worried about not being lynched . . . You ain’t satisfied or proud of nothing we done. I mean that you had a home; that we kept you out of trouble till you was grown; that you don’t have to ride to work on the back of nobody’s streetcar—You my children—but how different we done become.† Mama is telling Walter that he dosent need to worry about the money that life was about family and togetherness and he needs to stop relying on the money for the happiness in life. Ruth become pregnant and she’s pondering on whether she should have an abortion or not. When Walter return home she planned to tell him so he can help her make a decision. When he returns home Mama says,†You†¦you are a disgrace to your father’s memory.† Mama is disappointed in her son for not stepping up and taking action in stopping Ruth from having an abortion.. She wants him to be a good man like his father was, but he’s changing into a bitter man due to the check that his mother has received. When the Younger’s arrive at their new home in Clybourne Park Walter was making a decision. He was enlightening the family on how he could sell this house to Mr. Lindner an receive more money. Mama says disappointingly to Walter,†You making something inside me cry, son. Some awful pain inside me.† Again Mama is very disappointed in the decisions her son is making in life. She wants him to get together and realize that his satisfaction is his life with his family in their new home. Walter Younger has been changed by the dissatisfaction’s in life by how the check money has affected him by, investing money on a liquor store, ignoring Ruth’s abortion, and when he was deciding on taking Mr. Lindnder†s offer. The power of the money has taken over Walter. He was a great man like his father and all Walter wanted to do was make his family get what they deserved in their lives. He wants them to to become the best they can be. But that power for greediness has taken over him and changed him into a different person A person his own mother didn’t recognize. We can all learn from Walter Younger that money can corrupt oneself in without one knowing.

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