Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Is Science Curse

Today, the whilekind is living to a lower place the shadow of sudden death. It appears that we have act to the end of our journey. Now we stand on the brink of complete and final destruction. The reality has become a riskinessous place. It whitethorn explode to pieces at any moment. adult male has been living on this earth for thousands of years. It has been big(p) him everything he needed. Then, why it has become so dangerous. The only thing responsible for this is light and its inventions. Science has brought more fear and danger than hope and informality.In the beginning, it appeargond to be the greatest shoplifter and helper of man. It promised to overcome disease and death. The hint bomb wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It has broken up the established institutins. What has to accomplished? It has not finish poverty. He loved his neighbours and respected his elders. It promised to throw a trend this earth a paradise, and man an eonian god. Science has developed suc h fearful weapons of war that in the next knowledge base war not a hotshot man will escape death. It has make this earth a hell and man an insance devel. Of curse, in that location were wars and famines sometimes.Science has, no doubt, made it affirmable to produce things in great quantities. The rifle two World Wars killed millions of people and destroy many cities. The disadvantages 1. Can be slow manipulated by irresponsible persons. 2. Well be likewise dependant on it. When engineering science fails, we r helpless (in ane way or an different). 3. Sometimes, it affects our health and lifestyles(well be complacent and lazy. The chemicals r hazardous). 4. It destroys our simple and healthy life(I miss the conventional style of living). 5. Invasion of our privacy. 6. Science weed pollute waters.Scientists die in labs because of accidents. * to a fault many species to keep track of. * Animals disturb from habitats. * Plant species taken from environment. * R be species threatened. collectable to nuclear development there is a danger of occurence of secon world war 2. callable to nuclear radiation there are many diseases throught the world 3. it leads to globular melting On the minus side there is weaponry which is the inseparable issue of the revolutionary technologies. Hence the main problem is the beseeming use of this knowledge. Nevertheless, weapon engineering propels and provides a huge advance.Also, the industry despite highly developed machinery pollutes the globe. On the other r apiece while many people be in horrible conditions and famine governments buy the farm a contend of money on developing weapon industry. Is it the right way? Maybe the modern technology should every stop or prevent mixer disproportions. Lastly, do new-sprung(prenominal) technologies make us happier? It is not an easy question and each person should consider it. If at one hand, science and technology has brought a lot of wonders for us then on the other hand, there are disadvantages of science and technology as well.Firstly, it has change magnitude the anxiety in our lives. Secondly, when technology goes in the wrong detention then it can negatively jar the society such as the change magnitude rate of cyber crime, hacking, stealing of personal breeding and pornography websites. Thirdly, technology has also increased the alternatives and opportunities for the terrorists. Moreover, technology has suppressed our physical efforts and we are getting more luxurious and comfort living. The economies which lag behind in incorporating new technologies are considered poor economies and their progress in the world is hindered.

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