Thursday, July 25, 2019

Nursing paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Nursing paper - Essay Example Unfortunately, such fundamental practices are often forgotten by the management and in turn affect the morale of the nurses. For example, in my first job as a nurse I witness and experienced low morale among the nursing staff. I had just joined a nursing home and was working in a busy medical oncology floor. Being my first job, I was happy, confident, motivated and enthusiastic to learn. However, the other staff members were not feeling the same because shortly before I arrived there were many changes made to the unit that they were not pleased with. They had lost some nurses in the transition and the situation had not improved yet. The problem continued after my arrival and more nurses especially experienced ones left leaving the new recruits. This led to short-staffing and overworking which in turn reduced even the morale of the new nurses. Many nurses became frustrated, tired and demoralized. The staff complained of the condition to the management but there complaints were not hea rd or at least nothing was done about them. The condition deteriorated and more nurses quit their jobs citing low morale as the cause of their leaving. The condition in the nursing home was highly blamed on the management. The management did not consult the nurses when they were making the changes in the unit.

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